Mike Livermore CSI 773 Week 11 Assignment Regression Diagnostics November 2010

3 One D distribution view of variable Abrasion Loss

4 Two Dimension Scatterplots of 3 variables

5 Plot of Linear regression example with two extreme outliers (high leverage points)

7.2 Abrasion Loss Model

7.3 Unusual Residual Diagnostic Plot

7.4 Spread Location Plot

7.5 Residuals QQ Plot

7.6 Partial residuals plot of Abrasion Loss and Adjusted Hardness

8.3 Original 3D plot and Rotated by x=-60 and z=55

8.3 Contour plot

9 Abrasion Loss and Hardness conditioned by Tensile Strength


9 Abrasion Loss and Tensile Strength conditioned by Hardness